American Dad Sex Story: Siege at Ivan Grozny UniversityAmerican Dad Chapter 4

American Dad Sex Story: Siege at Ivan Grozny UniversityAmerican Dad Chapter 4

gun was not as large as the umbrella, which made hiding it fairly
easy. However, he had to use two twine of rope to keep it close. On
the bus he sat at the front of the vehicle keeping his head low as he
usually did whenever he rode. Even there, the students taunted him
and ridiculed his accent.

computer whiz! One of the other students called from across the
aisle. Why are you toting that gigantic umbrella around? And
whats with the big jacket? Two girls sneered at him. They gave
each other hi fives before settling back into their seats. Joel
remained calm looking out the window as the school building crowded
with students holding umbrellas in front of it turned into the bus
loading zone. He waited for everyone else to get out of the bus
before he disembarked. The two girls had already ruined his otherwise
cheery mood for the morning. Surprisingly, no one taunted or called
him names on their way out of the bus. They left silently single
filed too busy greeting their friends to notice anything unusual.
Joel picked up his umbrella feeling parts of the paintball gun rub
against his ribs. It was no use in complaining the bus driver and
anyone else who saw him would notice he had brought a weapon to

computer whiz! The bus driver announced to him before closing the
doors after him. He nodded waiting for the crowd to disperse to their
respective classrooms for the morning. He checked his watch; it was
7:40 AM, only twenty minutes until first period. He had wished his
friends were there with him. Sitting underneath a classroom window,
Joel began observe the students one by one trying to pinpoint who had
taunted him and who hadnt. The two girls from the bus earlier had
already disappeared into the mostly indoor school. Grumbling he knelt
than crouched low on the ground. No one paid attention to him or
cared to. For him it was a good thing, no one would harass him. There
were teachers walking in and out of crowds of students telling them
not to miss their assignments or be late for first period.
Occasionally, several students nodded or said,

hmm. Joel quietly untied the ropes around his umbrella. He was
cautious in unraveling the gun, carefully slipping into his hand and
up his sleeve. No one noticed. At 7:55AM, the front of the school was
completely empty; Joel opened his umbrella and used it to shield
himself from the pouring rain. When he opened the door, several
students stood in front of their lockers gathering their textbooks.
One of the girls from the bus looked up at him and scoffed. He raised
the gun and fired at her. The other students nearby jumped. They were
fired upon as well. One student did manage to crawl over to his first
period class and screaming for his teacher. The teacher poked his
head out the door as his students asked,

the noise coming from? Someones shooting in the hallway?

heard a loud bang and jumped in their seats. Several girls covered
their heads and faces with their textbooks. Other students began
whimpering. Their teacher fell forward lying beside the student who
had been trying to warn him to call the school security. One of the
students in the classroom ran to the phone against the wall and began
dialing the school office. As soon as the first dial sounded in his
ear he heard crackles of gunfire followed by massive screaming. His
classmates were crying and whimpering over their now wounded or dead
friends. The office heard the crying and shrieking from the girls.
She calmly instructed the students to stay in one place until the
school security reached their classroom. The other students were
informed of the instructions and remained in the classroom trying
their best to care for their injured classmates. Some who had taken
CPR class or home economics began practicing what they had learned in
those classes on their friends. More gunfire followed by screams was
heard in the hallway.

school security guards corned Joel from the sides grabbing his
paintball gun out of his hands before slamming him against the

move! Youre under arrest for murder and possessing weapons! One
of the guards yelled in his ear before marching him into the
principals office where he was dismissed from school on permanent
expulsion. Joel was shoved down a different hallway from where he had
entered to a waiting police vehicle that had received distress calls
from the school office. Along with the police officers was the press
who had also responded to reports of a school shooting. The police
officer explained to one of the guards he had been patrolling in one
of the nearby neighborhoods when he received the call. The guard
nodded to the officer shoving Joel over to him. A hand was placed on
his jacket collar which he still wore. Another police officer, a
woman, approached the boy asking him to remove his jacket so they
could search for more weapons. The officer looked up at the guard
nodding approvingly.

you Ameen Barak. He said slamming the boy against the passengers
side door. Hold still! other students in the second story
section of the school watched the scene from the window whispering
amongst themselves calling Joel every name imaginable to the human
ear. His keyboarding professor who had previously dubbed him,
computer whiz now denounced him as chaotic destroyer. After the
search, he was thrown into the back of the car and driven to
Shenandoah county prison. His father never bothered to released him
or fight for an appeal in court. He told the press his son deserved
the punishment he got. His close friends, divided over the arrest
separated from one another soon afterwards not to meet again until
eleven years later.

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